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So you need a way to bypass surveys? I just found out how to do it. NoMoreSurveys is a new website that will tackle any file blocker. has the ability to bypass any survey on sites like adscend media as well as 60+ different content lockers

I use It almost everyday and its just what i need, it does exactly what it says on the tin, I have tested out other sites and tools but none of them worked as well as NoMoreSurveys
It is a very powerful website in the sense that it does everything right there on the webpage so there is no need to download any tools or software.

some of the other methods I have tried required you to have a password or even to fill out a survey but not NoMoreSurveys. All you have to do to download your file is paste your original download link into the webpage and hit go and it will give you a fresh download link without you having to fill out a survey.

NoMoreSurveys has helped me out a number of times and now I never do surveys. Its amazing!

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